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Release, Relax, Unwind, & Heal

Who We Are & What We Do



Salute & Welcome!

Please call to book all scheduling sessions: 216.704.7848


Providing in-home, concierge holistic, purposeful touch with the intent of easing mental, emotional, neurological, or physical stresses using diverse massage modalities within licensed scope of practice.


Exceptional people need exceptional service. 

We have over +10 years of service and experience.




Deep Tissue

Neuromuscular Technique

Muscular Energy Technique

Reciprocal Inhibition

Intelligent Vacuum Cupping

Guasha (Graston Technique, or Muscle Scraping)

Myofascial Release Technique

Trigger Point 

Lymphatic Massage

Pin & Stretch

Full Body Stretching

Range of Motion

Velvet Glove Technique 

Active Release Technique

Hot/Cold Stones

Orthopedic, & Postural Assessment (NO Diagnosis)

Ashiatsu (Back Walking, or foot pressure)


Carpel Tunnel



Whiplash (non-acute)



Decreased Range of Motion

Pain (Chronic or Occasional)

General Mental/Emotional Stress

Plantar Fasciitis

Charley Horses



Rotator Cuff Tension or Injury (With Physician Approval)

Tennis/Golfer's Elbow

Post Surgery Tension/Tightness

Knee Pain/Tension/Tightness

Runner's Knee

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Hip/I.T. Band Tension

Nerve Impingement


Best Hands In The Land (B.H.I.T.L.) provides professional individual, couples, and parties chair and table massage. 

We find it important to remind you: we do not diagnose. We can assess and then ease you into a more manageable and invigorating experience in your body.

We also find it's important to remind you that neurological stresses can manifest into back pain, migraines, headaches, weak or tense muscles, dizziness, coordination problems, depression, poor cognitive abilities, decreased alertness, and sleep disorders

We are happy to accommodate! We are happy to adjust!


How does B.H.I.T.L. describe itself concerning therapy?

Results-Oriented (Same Day Preferable)! If our healing work does not present with long term effects, we are NOT satisfied!

Is there a difference between relaxation and therapeutic massage?

Yes! Relaxation massage has lighter pressure and may focus on light stretches throughout the body. Therapeutic massage focuses on what many clients call "deep tissue."

This is my first massage? What pressure should I ask for?

Massage Pressure Guidelines:

Light- as massaging a ripe peach or plum

Medium-as massaging a tangerine or orange

Firm/Heavy- as squeezing a lime

Overall, we are happy to adjust pressure physically in-session.

We are always honored to be a client's first massage experience!

Who are some of your clientele?

While we ethically maintain a state of privacy, client confidentiality, and trust, unless otherwise agreed upon, our experience and education has prepared us and graced us to work with a wide variety of clients from all backgrounds from youth & babies to senior citizens; and all walks of life in-between. Every human body needs our exceptional service. We have worked on the gamut from clients who have had decades of scar tissue from life threatening car accidents who firefighters tirelessly worked for +3 hours using the jaws of life to free the victim, to clients who rolled their ankle and never followed up with a doctor.

Should I still book a massage if I've experienced harm or trauma from a previous company? How do I trust again?

Most massage therapists practice by the rule: Do No Harm.

Many men, specifically, in our experience are slightly traumatized by massage therapists who have used too much pressure and caused more harm and injury than good. A human body, is a human body, and while some heavier pressure is required for certain situations, it should not be simply because a client is a male, with xy chromosomes. With Best Hands In The Land, we will treat every client with the utmost care and best of intentions for healing. Ideally, each massage will always present differently because we aim to receive and retain clients who will never receive exactly the same massage twice. We cause no harm. We may, if it is necessary cause "therapeutic inflammation" or inflammation caused by the therapist for the purpose of increasing the healing process, increasing circulation, no matter gender. (Such as vacuum cupping, guasha A.K.A. muscle scraping, or certain manual safe learned frictions and torsions.)

With Best Hands In The Land massage therapy is more than a profession, it's a passion. It gives us immense satisfaction to assist any client to improve their quality of life and enjoy day-to-day activities without discomfort.

In our care, with our motto, "Do No Harm" we expect that the client is in touch with their body during the entirety of the session in order to communicate their needs for better treatment

What are some of the largest humps to overcome as a massage therapist?

Massage therapy is seen as a luxury, especially, in America, rather than a medical treatment, whereas therapists are literally effecting the human body at a metabolic and cellular level. We've witnessed or experienced in the past, clients vomit during a session or have physical reactions such as crying or sweating, due to releasing past trauma being held in the body, as well. Massage therapy is licensed by a medical board because in its truest sense, it is a medical treatment providing healing of both the mind and body. 


The second largest hump, honestly, is the over-sexualization of massage no thanks to the multi-billion dollar pornography industry world-wide. That won't go away, unfortunately, and likely will never change.

How Does Best Hands In The Land Overcome Some of Those Humps?

With one session at a time. Largely, we arrive to the service address in medical scrubs and we keep communication honest and transparent. We are devoted in assisting every client we see in reaching their personal goals, achieving a better state of health mentally or physically, reducing pain, or increasing performance for sporting and also day-to-day endeavors. We focus on healing and restoration in addition to bodily maintenance.

Describe chair massage?

Chair massage is a fully clothed service where the therapist can work on legs, calves, hips, back, shoulders, neck, arms, and scalp as well.

What are some contraindications (harmful reasons not to receive treatment)?

Anything serious going on with heart, lungs, skin conditions, rashes, kidneys, lymphatic system, infections, recent injections (including flu shot or localized area sites such as open wounds), or verbal or written doctor's restrictions.

What's one of your greatest compliments or achievements?

One of the best testimonies and rewards for us is the person who books a session with tremendous bodily discomfort or chronic pain in their legs, neck, or back that is remarkably helped by one session!

Confidence and trust in our therapy is earned one body and mind at a time. We truly value healing with B.H.I.T.L. and incorporate diverse strategies to care for the body and aid it in its healing process. We want you to exist in your body as painlessly as we can possibly attain.

Are the therapist medically trained?

Yes! Our therapist did receive training for advanced orthopedic massage techniques in addition to standard training for medical board licensure!

We know the human body is fascinating and with our passion are ever learning new knowledge which helps us understand better how to help a client and what is going on with their body and/or mind.

B.H.I.T.L. is medically and holistically appropriate to be a part of your wellness experience.

Why might a session be cancelled or rescheduled by the therapist?

An urgent emergency or inclement and dangerous weather.

Are there ever any refunds to the client?

Yes, if the therapist cancels a session and/or is also unable to reschedule it for an agreed upon future date or time. Otherwise, the $25 non-refundable deposit remains as such. As for companies, facilities, corporations, schools, parties, and institutions, the non-refundable fee is $25/day minimum for a "potential hold" of a future date, to be added on upon final payment or within the non-refundable deposit amount mutually discussed. Thank you for understanding.


I am disabled. Should I book a session?

Yes, and especially if you are medically approved to receive one! Healthy body relates to a healthy mind and therefore investing in massage therapy with Best Hands In The Land should be regarded a necessary part of personal health rather than as only a luxurious expense.

You offer concierge service, where can I book my session?

In-home, at a beach, and in a hotel as long as parking is taken care of for the therapist. We will provide everything clean and sanitized for a safe service.

Do you offer in office sessions?

Yes, January 2022, we are offering $1 Touchless Sleep Therapy, $2 Relaxation Therapy, & $3 Deep Tissue and Ashiatsu Therapies with Bobby C's Classic Barbershop on Euclid Avenue by appointment only. Call for scheduling 216-704-7848.

Anything else I should know prior to booking?

Yes! We are temporarily, unfortunately not booking IN-HOME CONCIERGE massage for any client who has had the experimental Covid-19 vaccination until more VAERS reports and medical documentation are released by the CDC and its affiliates about the future side-effects of its usage. We are, however, accepting bookings for Covid-19 vaccinated clients and all clients at our physical location, soon to be opened at  Bobby C's Barbershop located inside the 5th street Arcade, in 2022, on Euclid Avenue. Touchless, Private Sleep Room Therapy is $1/Minute & Chair Massage is $2/Minute. For table massage service sessions offered are 30, 60, and 90 minutes where: Custom Therapeutic Massage is $2/Minute; & Custom Deep Tissue and Ashiatsu Services are $3/Minute.

For additional savings, please consider a premium package deal. The titanium package has largely been used with athletic professionals, general labor and physical labor contractors, as well as medical professionals who stand on their feet, for long hours in duration and who may have forward posture symptoms.


Dial 216-704-QUIT (your aches&pains) to ask about weekly availability.

All massage services strictly require a $25 non-refundable booking/travel fee to confirm your massage service scheduling slot. Once therapist arrives on-site, no refunds, which are issued at therapist's discretion, will be issued. No refunds will be issued prior to 24 hour client notice for rescheduling and/or due to a client no-show or cancellation.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Ask us to come visit you! For a minimum of an hour and a minimum of 1 therapist, we will service you and your staffing team with chair massage.

Attentive and thorough, we use timers so that no one feels slighted for time!


So many individuals don't make time for self-care. So, book us to give this well deserved and needed service.

Also, makes for great staff rewards!

Schedule for a bodywork / therapeutic massage starting at 30 minutes by Audra M.D., LMT. Audra is certified in and can administer Reiki, full body massage, bodywork stretching, hot stone massages, foot massages, postural assessments, joint movement, muscle energy testing, deep tissue, trigger point, aroma therapy, and more.

Audra has very close-knit relationships with professional & trusted, acupuncturists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and a colon hydrotherapist; so after a visit with her, and if you're interested, she is able refer you to the best of the best!


Thinking of relaxing in a group setting?

Book a P-A-R-T-Y!

Minimum of  6 guests &

Minimum of 1 therapist

Just make sure you have enough space for the chairs &/or massage tables!


Heal yourself and your loved one with a couples massage! Our massages deliver your body the therapeutic effects it needs to reset your sarcolemma! 

Book a massage with your partner for a therapeutic healing massage? 

We travel to you!

It makes a great surprise gift!



NE Ohio, Cleveland, OH


Tel: 216- 704- 7848

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