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Budget us into your schedule because your  health and wellness deserve it! Therapeutic or Relaxation massages are available to you this month. Please Call To Schedule! 216-704-QUIT to quit your aches and pains.

HONOR your body. Treat it well.

  • An enjoyable, reward to your employees for your company's budget!

    6 hr

    Brief Consultation
  • Best Hands In The Lands Owner Has The Best Hands!!

    1 hr 30 min

    180 US dollars
  • One Therapist, Back To Back Massage Service Provided Concierge In-Home

    2 hr

    240 US dollars
  • Book A Set of Hands For Your Party, Family, Coworkers, & Friends

    4 hr 30 min

    A Brief Consultation
  • BHITL Owner Has The Best Healing Hands!

    1 hr

    120 US dollars
  • 30-minute reiki rejuvenation session. Add-on or entire therapy session

    30 min

    60 US dollars
  • BHITL Owner Has Healing Hands!

    30 min

    60 US dollars
  • This 30-minute add-on can include aromatherapy if you should choose.

    1 hr

    30 US dollars
  • This 20-minute add-on can be introduced with any service of 30-minutes

    15 min

    25 US dollars
  • This add-on can be addressed with any service listed on our site.

    30 min

    20 US dollars
  • This Traditional Chinese Medicine can be added on with body treatment

    30 min

    15 US dollars
  • Add-on therapy to increase circulation

    30 min

    10 US dollars
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