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Reiki Session

30-minute reiki rejuvenation session. Add-on or entire therapy session

  • 30 minutes
  • 60 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Reiki is a non-invasive Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation throughout the body. Being in the healing arts field, we consider this learned technique yet another administration of "laying on of hands," even thought Reiki can be administered without physical touch, and instead hands being within the energy field of a person in need of healing. This is great for those more wary of Covid-19. Not all healers use or are trained in Reiki. It's a special kind of healing that can only be channeled by someone who has been attuned to it. Reiki is not used unless a client requests it. Clients who have doubted Reiki and gave it a chance have been impressed. Some clients feel the heat or coolness radiating from the healers hands, and others do not. 'Ki' means life energy, or biofield energy, and 'Rei' refers to spiritual wisdom and guidance. Together Reiki is experienced as by both the healer and the client in need. This is a type of metaphysical work. Reiki is very difficult to explain and more to be felt in the moment. Reiki guides itself with its own wisdom, and the attuned healer observing and responding to it, rather than requiring the direction of the practitioner. All massage services strictly require a $20 non refundable booking fee to confirm your service scheduling slot.

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